Outlaw Gulch

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Outlaw Gulch

Name Outlaw Gulch
Theme Wild West
First Year 1993
About the Area Info Box

Outlaw Gulch is the most recent area added. It was added in 1993 and included the Wrangler (a Scrambler ride), Chuck Wagon kiddie ride, the Outlaw wooden roller coaster, a western comedy show, banjo and bottle band on the Outlaw Gulch Stage, and a walk-in Saloon drink location. According to the Adventureland website, it is 12 acres large and cost $5 million.

In 1998, the comedy show was replaced by the Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery, and the Saloon became a walk-up food counter.

In 2002, the Wrangler was replaced by Saw Mill Splash.

In 2016, the Shooting Gallery was upgraded and relocated to become the Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery in Last Frontier, and its space became the new Saloon food location with the original location closed off.

Outlaw Gulch is currently one of only two sections of the park that have clearly marked signs at their entrance indicating the name of the area. The other is Dragon Island.

Food and Drink

  1. Circus Snacks at the Royal Hanneford Circus
  2. Dippin' Dots
  3. Outlaw Gulch Kettle Corn
  4. Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Soda
  5. Outlaw Gulch Saloon



The restrooms are located within the large two story Mercantile building.




Extinct Shows


Boot Hill

There is a small Boot Hill cemetery area. It contains three tombstones with amusing epitaphs (which were almost directly copied from similar tombstones outside the Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida). They read:

  • Good ol' Fred. A great big rock fell on his head. R.I.P.
  • Good friend Gordon. Now you've crossed the river Jordan. (cross)
  • Rest in peace cousin Hewitt. We all know you didn't do it. R.I.P.

There is also a bell at the top of a post there. When the western comedy show was being performed, the bell was rigged to be able to "ding" at a certain point in the show.

Chuck Wagon Soda


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