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Dippin' Dots


Name Dippin' Dots
Category Kiosk
Type Ice Cream
Park Area Adventureland Park
Replaced Mini Melts
About the Food and Drink Info Box

Dippin' Dots are food kiosks located around the park. They opened in XXXX, replacing an earlier brand called Mini Melts which first appeared in 2008.


There are currently four Dippin' Dots locations in the park:

  1. In Adventure Bay by the Kokomo Kove Store.
  2. In Iowa Farm near the entrance to The Monster (opened in 2016).
  3. In Outlaw Gulch - has Dot Sundaes.
  4. In Boulevard down from Rathskeller.


$5.25 for regular, $6.50'fpr sundaes.

  1. Cookies 'n Cream
  2. Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  4. Rainbow Ice
  5. Banana Split

Dot Sundaes

  1. Yummy Gummy
  2. Mini Cookie Dough
  3. Cookie Crumble
  4. Split Decision


These aren't the snacks you're looking for...

When Mini Melts first opened, the stands put up a sign explaining what they were compared to Dippin' Dots.


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