Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery

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Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery


Name Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery
Category Building
Type Shooting
Park Area Last Frontier
First Year 2016
Replaced Golden Nugget Arcade
About the Game Info Box

Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery is an electric shooting gallery in Last Frontier. It opened in 2016. It is located between Lighthouse and Icee Mix It Up in the Golden Nugget building.

It is the same one that used to be the Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery, but upgraded and refurbished. In addition to refreshing all the sets and props, the electronics also were updated. The new targets are illuminated making them easier to spot. They are also using infrared instead of the old photocell technology. This means lightning flashes (or camera flashes or other bright lights) will no longer set off the targets.

Above each gun is a speaker that will make verbal announcements about the start and end of the game.



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