Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery

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Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery


Name Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery
Category Building
Type Shooting
Park Area Outlaw Gulch
First Year 1998
Replaced Western Comedy Show
Final Year 2015
Replaced By Outlaw Gulch Saloon
About the Game Info Box

Outlaw Gulch Shooting Gallery was an electric shooting gallery in Outlaw Gulch. It opened in 1998. The Jail building it was in was previously used as the backdrop to a live Western Comedy Show.

In 2016, this shooting gallery was refurbished and upgraded. It was relocated to the Golden Nugget building in Last Frontier.


No flash pictures, please

The target sensors used photocells which responded to bright light. Flashed of lightning would set off the targets, as did a camera flash (see the video, below).


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