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Saw Mill Splash

Name Saw Mill Splash
Category Family Ride
Type Water Ride
Park Area Outlaw Gulch
First Year 2002
Replaced Wrangler
Riders 6
Dispatch Rate 1:00
Ride Duration 5:00
About the Ride Info Box

Saw Mill Splash is a Spinning Rapids Ride from WhiteWater West located in Outlaw Gulch. It opened in 2002, and replaced the Wrangler.

From the manufacturer's website:

WhiteWater's Spinning Rapids Ride is the first totally new water ride in the amusement park industry since 1979. It's an intense, thrilling and safe adventure for the whole family generating laughter & screams alike. Gravity presses the rider's backs against the top wall of the raft as it swifty courses down the river. The ride incorporates computer controls and a revolutionary new method of propulsion to power rafts into a totally controlled spinning motion... while keeping the riders completely dry.

WhiteWater has created several successful rides that are marketed to the Amusement Park industry. Several year's ago we applied our water ride expertise to the dry park environment by designing two new rides that can be enjoyed while wearing street clothing! The response to these rides was phenomenal, mainly because guests loved the ride experience - and the park operators loved them because they are low in maintenance and cost a fraction of similar experience iron-based rides to purchase and install. Examples of WhiteWater's Amusement Park category rides are the Spinning Rapids Ride and the Water Coaster™.

In 2017, the faded sign was replaced or repainted and it bright and vibrant again.

Press Release

New Ride Is A Big Splash At Adventureland!

Posting Date: 3/11/02

New Saw Mill Is A Big Splash At Adventureland

Officials at Adventureland Park today announced that an all-new white water adventure is opening for the 2002 season. The ride is named Saw Mill Splash, and is the first of it’s kind in the United States.

The ride will take guests in rafts 60 feet in the air, and then launch them into a river of white water. The spinning rafts will careen down a channel of twists and turns until they splash into a geyser filled reservoir. Saw Mill Splash will be the newest feature in the Outlaw Gulch area of the park.

“We really wanted another water ride. The saw mill theme and geysers will make this as exciting and fun as any water ride in the nation.” said John Krantz, Adventureland’s President.

Adventureland Park, Inn and Campground are located on I-80 just east of Des Moines, Iowa. The Inn and Campground are open year round. Adventureland Park opens weekends beginning April 27th, and will be open every day starting May 18th.

For more information Contact: Ryan Sullivan (515)266-2121 (800)532-1286 PO Box 3355 Des Moines, IA 50316



  • Sign: Saw Mill Splash (three words)
  • Guide Map: Sawmill Splash (two words)
  • In-Park Map Signs: SAW MILL SPLASH (three words)
  • Website: Saw Mill Splash

Since it is painted on the building as three words, I guess majority wins. Still, sawmill seems to be a valid word. I guess they can change the website, or get out the paint...


Gone but not forgotten

On the queue building, up until 2017 you could still see the original Wrangler letters under the new sign paint. The new sign in 2017 was an overlay and covers up the original facade.

Related to The Dragon...

The Dragon was made by Hopkins Rides. In 2012, Hopkins Rides was acquired by WhiteWater West. WhiteWater West made Saw Mill Splash. They also created Kokomo Kove.

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