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This site is a tribute to the Krantz-family era of Adventureland (1973-2021).

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Information on this site is unofficial. It is compiled by fans of Adventureland amusement park in Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines). There may be inaccuracies and omissions. For official Adventureland information, visit the official website.

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Adventureland sometimes uses different spellings or completely different names for the same thing. The guide map might be labeled with one name, but the sign at the ride calls it something else. Sometimes the name appears differently in different sections of the website (ride index page, "you must be this tall to ride" paragraphs, history page, etc.). There are even examples of signs at the location using different variations.

This page will serve as a translation guide between these inconsistent names.

On this site, I go by the name on the sign (if it has one). If it does not, I use the name on the guide map. Folks visiting the park would be seeing the sign or using the guide map, I suppose. Though, if you don't pick up a guide map I guess they might use the large in-park map signs instead. See the issue?

Some things will just be nit picks. Minor differences like "The Tornado" versus "Tornado" will be ignored. However, if one combines words (Sawmill, Chuckwagon) and other places write them out (Saw Mill, Chuck Wagon), those will be on the list. Likewise, punctuation and such (Parrot versus Parrot's, Mix It Up versus Mix-It-Up) will also make the list, and anything related to trademarks (Coca-Cola with the dash, ICEE in uppercase).

Hopefully this list will be a good guide for the park when it does future updates.


Sign Guide Map Large In-Park Map Signs Website
Alpine Foods Alpine Foods not listed: "CORN DOGS" Alpine Food Stand
Carrousel (sign) / Carousel (plaque) Carousel TOWN SQUARE CARROUSEL Carousel
Chuck Wagon Chuck Wagon CHUCK WAGON Chuckwagon
Chuckwagon Soda (sign) / Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda (wagon) not listed: "Outlaw Gulch Foods" not listed Outlaw Gulch Old Time Soda Wagon
Coca-Cola Cafe Coca-Cola Cafe COCA-COLA CAFE Coca Cola Cafe
Cookies & Cream Cookies 'n' Cream COOKIES 'N' CREAM missing
Frantic Freeway Dodge 'em Cars DODGE 'EM CARS Frantic Freeway (Bumper Cars)
Sky Wheel Giant Skywheel GIANT SKY WHEEL Giant Skywheel
Frozen Lemonade (sign) / ICEE Frozen Lemonade (menu) Frosted Lemonade not listed Frosted Lemonade
ICEE Mix It Up Icee Mix It Up not listed Icee Mix-It-Up
no sign Kiddie Kars KIDDIE CARS Hampton Cars
Ladybug Lady Bugs LADY BUGS Lady Bugs
Parrot Perch (sign) / Parrot's Perch (beer sign) Parrot's Perch PARROT'S PERCH Parrot Perch
no sign Puff the Dragon PUFF THE DRAGON Puff Dragons
Rathskeller Rathskellar RATHSKELLAR Rathskeller
Red Baron Red Baron RED BARON Red Barons
Sand Bar (building) / Sandbar (drink menu) Sand Bar SAND BAR Sandbar
Saw Mill Splash Sawmill Splash SAW MILL SPLASH Saw Mill Splash
Sheriff Sam's Saloon Sheriff Sam's Saloon SHERIFF SAM'S SALOON Sam's Saloon
Sno-Cones Shakes missing SNO CONES & SHAKES missing
Tea Cups Tea Cups TEA CUPS Teacups
Tilt-A-Whirl Tilt-a-Whirl TILT-A-WHIRL Tilt-A-Whirl

Missing In Action

As of 8/2/2016, missing from the website completely are:



The big sign at the entrance reads CARROUSEL, but the plaque behind the ride spells it Carousel. Both spellings are correct, apparently. The ride manufacture seems to prefer the version with one R... Dunno!

Chuck Wagon Soda

If the ride Chuck Wagon is two words, and the writing on the wagon here is two words, I'm not sure why the menu sign has it as Chuckwagon. (My spell checker doesn't seem to like that as one word.) I found earlier photos that showed the menu sign was spelled as "Chuck Wagon" so the missing space may just be a typo. (The sign makes reference to a tin refill cup, which they don't have this season, so they will have to redo the sign at some point anyway.)

Coca-Cola Cafe

The dash it part of the trademark for Coca-Cola, so it should really always be there.

Frantic Freeway

Bumper cars is the generic name for his type of ride, but does anyone know where Dodge 'em Cars comes from? It sounds like a better name if you are trying to discourage people from ramming in to each other ("avoid head-on collisions" it says these days). I'd almost expect any modern installation would be called something like Dodge 'em Cars rather than Bumper Cars so they could say they were not encouraging people to get whiplash...

Theory: An article in the Des Moines Register contained some old photos of Adventureland, and the bumper car building said DODGEM on the top. I seem to recall seeing Frantic Freeway used to describe a kiddie ride that used to be in the park. Perhaps the Dodge 'em Cars sign is gone, and they used the old Frantic Freeway signs since it had the same height requirements? Time to go look at those signs closer and see...

Update: I asked Adventureland about this in 2008, and they replied: The technical name is Dodge 'em Cars. Frantic Freeway is kind of a "local" name that makes sense. Kind of like the Flume, which most people call the "Log Ride".

Frozen Lemonade

This must have been called Frosted Lemonade in the past (maybe before it became ICEE?) since that's what it is called everywhere but at the location. I'm not sure if "ICEE" is part of the name on the menu, or just the logo placed in front of the name.

ICEE Mix It Up

ICEE is a trademark so it should always be in uppercase.

Kiddie Kars

The ride was manufactured by the Hampton company, and most of the vehicles still have badges on them that say Hampton. Thus, Hampton Cars. This ride came from Riverview Park where it may have been known as Hampton Cars there, too. If so, locals may have already been familiar with it by that name.


The big sign at the ride says LADYBUG. The type of insect that the ride cars look like are ladybugs (one word, no space). I'm going to say the sign is correct, though I would not fault the use of plural ladybugs because there is more than one ladybug to ride in...

Parrot Perch

The large menu sign with all the prices says Parrot Perch at Adventure Bay. But, in the window is a small beer sign that says Parrot's Perch. So close!

Puff the Dragon

If the name is a reference to the Peter, Paul and Mary song Puff the Magic Dragon, then Puff the Dragon makes more sense than Puff Dragons. But, there are multiple dragons on the ride, so maybe they are the breed of dragon known as Puff... ;-)


No wonder I have been misspelling it lately. The 2016 guide map and website uses Rathskellar (-ar) but the sign at the location says Rathskeller (-er). That word must not be in the spellchecker they use yet. Rathskeller (-er) is a real word which means a beer hall or restaurant in a basement:

River City Pizza

Pointed out to me today is that the awning sign says River City Pizzeria on the ends, and River City Pizza on the front. Inside, the screen menus read River City Pizza, so majority rules.

Sand Bar

Huge letters on the mural write it as two words, but the laminated drink menu says "Sandbar".

Sno-Cones & Shakes

There's no obvious sign at this location - just huge words that say "Sno-Cones" and "Shakes" on the building and on separate menu signs ("Sno-Cones" and "Shakes"). I suppose it's a descriptive sign rather than a name sign. Calling it "Sno-Cones & Shakes" makes sense.


As far as I can tell, this was listed as the Round Up on the maps since it was first installed at the park. The website, at least as far back as 2010, listed it as Tilt-A-Whirl. I am told the sign changed in 2016 to say Tilt-A-Whirl. End of an era?