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Frantic Freeway


Name Frantic Freeway
Category Family Ride
Type Bumper Cars
First Year 1974
Dispatch Rate INFO NEEDED
Ride Duration INFO NEEDED
About the Ride Info Box

Frantic Freeway (aka Dodge 'em Cars) is a bumper car ride located in the Space Shot Midway. According to a newspaper ad, it opened on August 16, 1974. The cars were updated in XXXX.

The show guide maps and the large in-park maps list this as Dodge 'em Cars, but multiple signs at the ride call it Frantic Freeway, which was the name they were given in an open-year newspaper ad. Older photos show the building used to have DODGEM in large letters on it, so the name must have changed at some point. See Inconsistencies for more details.


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  • Sign: Frantic Freeway (on two signs)
  • Guide Map: Dodge 'em Cars
  • In-Park Map Signs: DODGE 'EM CARS
  • Website: Frantic Freeway (Bumper Cars)

It seems the name has changed, but everything isn't caught up.

Update: I guess I wondered about this name years ago! In an e-mail I sent to the park, their PR person replied:

The technical name is Dodge 'em Cars. Frantic Freeway is kind of a "local" name that makes sense. Kind of like the Flume, which most people call the "Log Ride".

I guess at some point the "local" name became the official name.

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