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Dispatch Rate should be calculated from the time a vehicle leaves the station (or ride movement starts) to the time the NEXT vehicle leaves the station (or next ride movement starts). This is used to calculate theoretical hourly ride capacity:

60 Minutes / ( Dispatch Rate ) = Dispatches per Hour

( Riders * Dispatches per Hour ) = Hourly Capacity

As we keep updating these pages, eventually we will be able to create a table showing the capacity of all rides in the park. This can then lead to estimate wait times based on learning how many people a queue area can hold. For example, if we know a ramp leading up to a ride can hold 60 people, and the ride can hold 20 people per cycle and has a dispatch time of 5 minutes, we can estimate that if that ramp is full, it will take three ride cycles to process all 60 people. Thus, the ramp being full means it is a 15 minute wait.

More to come...