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Queen Riverboat


Name Queen Riverboat
Type Boat Ride
Park Area River City
First Year 1974
Replaced By River City Smoke Shack
Dispatch Rate INFO NEEDED
Ride Duration INFO NEEDED
About the Ride Info Box

Queen Riverboat was a XXXX in River City. It opened in 1974.

The boat previously sailed around Lake Okiboji. It was modified to run along a guide rail (true?) for Adventureland, similarly to the Rivers of America boats at Disneyland in California and The Magic Kingdom in Florida.

It was 15 feet wide and 74 feet long.

When the Riverview area of the park was opened, a bridge to the island had to be built. This prevented the river from having a path the boat could use. According to guide maps in 1980 and 1983, the Queen was still there. It was listed as an "Attraction" rather than a ride at that point, and was grouped with other non-ride things like the Public School, Fire Station, and Mirror Maze. This seems to indicate that it stuck around a few years after 1979 and was just docked somewhere - possibly as a walk-on exploration attraction. Disneyland does similar things with its Sailing Ship Columbia, letting folks go on to it as a floating museum when it's not sailing.



Boat dock still visible

The original dock platform was enclosed and is now the home of River City Smoke Shack. If you go to the seating area behind the building, you can still see some metal posts in the water which were there to guide the boat in to the dock. Some say the track is still along the riverbed, but I have been unable to confirm that. I'm afraid of water.


The Queen was once the official flagship of the Iowa Navy.

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