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Toonerville Trolleys


Name Toonerville Trolleys
Category Family Ride
Type Train
Park Area Main Street
First Year 1974
Final Year 1979
Dispatch Rate INFO NEEDED
Ride Duration INFO NEEDED
About the Ride Info Box

Toonerville Trolleys were a set of (at least) three trolley cars that circled the park in the early years. From old photos, they were numbered 31, 34 and 36. According to a newspaper ad, they opened on AUgust 16, 1974.

It looks like there were three (?) boarding areas:

  1. The station at Main Street.
  2. A location behind what is now the Der Flinger
  3. Where the entrance of the Tornado is today.

I do not know (yet) why the trolleys stopped running when they did, or even if 1979 is accurate. When the Tornado wooden roller coaster was opened in 1978, its entrance would have replaced the trolley stop. Since County Fair is listed as opening in 1979, perhaps they could have both existed for a bit?

The 1980 park map listed "Main Street Depot" and showed some track along the front, but there was no drawing of the Trolleys or any other track on the map. It seems by 1980, they were most certainly gone.

There is a building behind the Chapel area that was used by the Trolleys. You can still see train track in the ground back there. Today the building is used as the carpentry/wood shop for the park, and the large trolley-sided doors have been redone (but the outlines of the original openings still seem to be there). You can see this from Bird's Eye map views in Bing or Google maps.

In 1985, new, smaller track would be placed with a shortened route and become the path for the A-Train.



Track still visible

You can still see a bit of trolly track from the exit of the Tornado. As you go down the exit ramp, look to the right and you will see it in the concrete near the back of the game buildings.

Loading area still visible

While riding the A-Train, you will see a concrete pad near Der Flinger. This was once a trolley stop. If you view it from the in-park walkway, you will see the trees are not planted randomly. They line up in two rows, which was likely the path leading to the trolley stop.

More track still visible (but not to us)

Behind the Chapel are some service buildings, and some of the trolley track is still visible there, as well. But, the only way we get to see it is from above. Check it out in BING Maps here: Or in Google Maps here:

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