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ICEE Mix It Up


Name ICEE Mix It Up
Category Building
Type Icees
Park Area Last Frontier
First Year 2009
Replaced KJJY Radio Booth
About the Food and Drink Info Box

ICEE Mix It Up is a food location in Last Frontier. It is located between Sheriff Sam's Saloon and the Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery. It opened in 2009. It serves many flavors of ICEE frozen drinks which the customer gets to serve themselves in whatever flavor combinations they choose.

There are nine dispensing units for up to nine different flavors, but some flavors may be duplicated.

In 2017, it began offering alcohol shots which can be added to the ICEE drinks. "Spiked ICEEs" were offered at the 2016 Oktoberfest at this location, too.


  1. Buy a souvenir refill cup for $7 and get ICEE refills for $3.50.



  1. ICEEs (cherry, blueberry, orange, lemon lime, watermelon, grape, tropical fusion, blue raspberry, and cherry again)


KJJY radio

The serving window was once a glass window that looked in to a KJJY radio booth.



  • Sign: Frozen Lemonade (sign), or ICEE(logo) Frozen Lemonade (menu).
  • Guide Map: Frosted Lemonade.
  • In-Park Map Signs: Not listed.
  • Website: Frosted Lemonade.

From looking at old photos, the signs used to say Frosted Lemonade and I did not see the ICEE logo there. Maybe it was a different product back then, and everything just hasn't caught up to the new name.

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