Royal Hanneford Circus

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Royal Hanneford Circus


Name Royal Hanneford Circus
Category Indoors
Type Variety
Park Area Outlaw Gulch
First Year 1997
Final Year 2017
Replaced By Adventureland Circus
About the Show Info Box

Royal Hanneford Circus came to Adventureland in 1997. It was replaced by the Adventureland Circus in 2017.

It was originally located where the Kokomo Kove Store sits today. After the opening of Kokomo Kove in 2008, the circus moved to its current location in Outlaw Gulch. The original covered waiting shelter was turned in to the waterpark store.

When the circus relocated, it moved in to a smaller tent. Due to the expansion of the water park (with Adventure Bay backing right up to the circus trailer), there is no area for animals. As such, there are currently no large animal acts. In past years, there were horses and elephants, as well as dogs.

The addition of the circus ended shows at the Palace Theater. While there used to be annual large scale shows in that Main Street location, none have been held there since 1996.


Website: Adventureland Park has teamed up with The Royal Hanneford Circus to bring park guests the excitement and thrills of the "Big Top" to Adventureland. The Circus will perform three shows each and every day at Adventureland Park starting May 27th through the 2000 season. The Circus is included in the admission price to Adventureland.

The Royal Hanneford Circus is one of the oldest and most renown circus productions in the world. The Florida based family has owned, produced and toured their Circus throughout England, Europe and the United States for decades. The Circus will be performing under a huge Big Top tent at Adventureland that will seat up to 2,000 guests per show.

The acts that will be performing are The Royal Hanneford Elephants, The Smirnovs, Transformation Magic Act,The Spectacular Single Trapez Act, and the "Karoly Equestrian Riders". "With The Royal Hanneford Circus included in the regular price of admission, Adventureland provides the best entertainment value anywhere." Commented Jack Krantz, owner of Adventureland Park.


Voice of P.T. Barnaby

For the past several years, the ringmaster, Billy Martin, has been the voice of the P.T. Barnaby animated figured at the Palace Theater on Main Street. He says he original recorded an "older man" voice, to fit the character, but Adventureland ended up going with Billy's normal circus announcer voice.


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