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Adventureland Iowa discounts, news and rumors: Oktoberfest details.

The first annual Oktoberfest was held on October 3, 2015, from 11am to 8pm. Parking was free, and admission was $10 which included one Sam Adam's Octoberfest beer. Season pass holders received free admission, but no free beer. Everyone got to download a free souvenir photo of them against an Oktoberfest backdrop (Professor Bellows).


  1. Adult Root Beer and Floats
  2. Fresh Squeezed Specialties
  3. Iowa Beer & Wine
  4. Pumpkin Beers
  5. Rathskeller Bier Garten
  6. Sam Adam's Octoberfest
  7. Shots and Whiskey


  1. Brian Congdon
  2. Damnit Chandler
  3. The Nadas
  4. Men's and Woman's Oktoberfest themed costume contest.
  5. Ben Ulin doing walk-around magic.
  6. Bernie Bernard in lederhosen.


Park Food

  1. Alpine Foods - corn dogs and fried specialties
  2. Dippin' Dots
  3. Iowa Cafe - fried chicken $7, bier braised knackwurst w/sauerkraut $5.25, pork wienderschnitzel $6, German potato salad or spätzle $2, desserts (German chocolate cake, turnovers, pumpkin pie) $2. Plus drink stand: fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice $5, Cedar Ridge Blanc De Blanc $6, bloody beer $9, Bernie's bloody mary $9, fresh squeezed screwdriver $9, fresh squeezed greyhound $9, ultimate fresh squeezed greyhound $12, Moscow mule (flavor options) $9. Popcorn and fudge.
  4. Main Street Creamery - sundaes and scoops
  5. Rathskeller - pizza, burgers and brats

Food Vendors

  1. Baru 66
  2. Blue Tomato
  3. Bistro Montage
  4. Fried Taco Truck
  5. Lurrua Cocina
  6. Mediteranean Food Truck
  7. Strudl Haus
  8. Tami's Tarts


Pay to Play

  1. Can A Ball
  2. Coors Bank a Ball
  3. Hamm's Beer Speed Pitch
  4. Hi-Striker
  5. Keg Bowling
  6. Mr Frog
  7. Wine Duck Pond

Free to Play

  1. Beer Pong
  2. Connect Four (huge)
  3. Corn Hole (mentioned in Des Moines Register article; bean bag toss)
  4. Horseshoes
  5. Jenga (huge)
  6. Ladderball (some throw rope loopy things over a stand)
  7. Ring Toss (?)
  8. Street Chess (huge chess board and pieces)

Rides Operating

  1. Balloon Race
  2. Carousel
  3. Der Flinger
  4. Falling Star
  5. G-Force
  6. Giant Sky Wheel
  7. Galleon
  8. Scrambler
  9. Space Shot
  10. Splash Over
  11. Tea Cups


  1. Adult Arcade (where I come from, an "adult arcade" was something different!)
  2. Airbrush T-Shirts/Hats
  3. Candy Store - A Train Station
  4. Caricatures
  5. Clearance Store
  6. Souvenir Mugs
  7. Sweatshirts/T-Shirts

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