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May 31, 2020 - Happy 45th Anniversary, Adventureland!

May 31, 1975 - Official grand opening. Congressman Neal Smith, Altoona Mayor Lloyd Sievers and Adventureland President John Krantz spoke at the opening ceremony. (But parts of the park opened in 1974.)

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Latest Updates

  • 9/6/2016: It appears that almost all of the park will be open, except for Dragon Island and Outlaw Gulch. There are only a few rides (see below) that won't be operating.
  • 9/15/2016: Check out the schedule grid and start planning your day.
  • 9/16/2016: A few more VIP package details, and other minor updates.
  • 9/20/2016: In a Facebook post, they referred to it as "Oktoberfest Food & Music Festival".
  • 9/24/2016: After Adventureland closed for the final day of 2016, they posted the map and schedule for Oktoberfest.


Adventureland Iowa discounts, news and rumors: Oktoberfest details.

Oktoberfest 2015 vs 2016 area.

The 2nd annual Adventureland Oktoberfest was held on October 1, 2016, from 11am to 10pm, with rides operating until 9pm. It was sponsored by Star 102.5 and Sam Adams. 21+ and older only. Valid photo ID required for admission.

  • Most rides will be open (see rides operating below).
  • 5 stages of musical entertainment.
  • 13 acts throughout the day.
  • "Last Call" fireworks at 9:30pm.
  • $15 admission which includes a 16oz Sam Adam's Octoberfest beer.
  • Free event photo.
  • Free admission to Season Pass holders (no beer included).
  • Free parking.
  • Tickets available on the website starting August 22, or sold at the park on the day of the event.
  • $20 Belgium Feast
  • $200 VIP package available (see below).
  • $89 Adventureland Inn special: room, 2 passes and 2 "Recovery Brunch" buffets at Spectators Sports Bar and Grill for the morning of 10/2/16. (These were apparently sold out by August 19th.)

VIP Package

  • Admission to Oktoberfest
  • Oktoberfest refill mug
  • Souvenir Frozen refill Yard with Lanyard
  • Oktoberfest T-Shirt
  • Belgium Feast meal
  • VIP Wristband for exclusive area access
  • 4 complimentary drink coupons for any drink venue throughout the park
  • Complimentary Sam Adam's Octoberfest, Adam's Cider and But Light on draft
  • Complimentary assorted import and domestic cans
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • Complimentary fountain drinks
  • Complimentary assorted snacks throughout the day - ranging from light to heavy food service
  • Reserved restrooms for the venue
  • Screens to view Iowa and ISU games


  • Iowa craft wines.
  • Over 70 beers on top.
  • Domestic and import cans.
  • Specialty cocktails:
    • Bloody Mary, Mimosa and Vodka bar
    • Spiked frozen Mix-It-Up
    • Ice Cream cocktails

Here are the bars:

  1. Assorted Beer Trailers
  2. Brave The Monster Shot Bar
  3. Cookies & Cream
  4. Coors Light Café
  5. Craft Cocktails
  6. Iowa Beer and Wine
  7. Iowa Café Bloody Mary, Mimosa & Vodka Bar
  8. Main Street Creamery Spiked Shakes & Floats
  9. Oktoberfest Beer Trailer
  10. Pumpkin & Cider Beer Trailer
  11. Rathskeller Bier Garten
  12. River City Abita & Tequila Bar
  13. Sheriff Sam’s Whiskey Bar
  14. Shots Bar
  15. Smoking Bar
  16. Spiked Icee Mix It Up
  17. Storm Chaser Bar
  18. Summer’s Last Stand Cheap Drinks


  1. Angry apple bobbing - most apples bobbed from a barrel of Angry Orchard in 3 minutes.
  2. Bavarian costume contest with $600 in prizes.
  3. Stein hoisting - winner is who can hold a giant stein up the longest.


Oktoberfest 2016 flyer.

13 bands performing on 5 stages

Stages: Carousel, Rathskeller, Iowa Beer and Wine Shop (new stage currently under construction), Coors Light Cafe (probably the Coca-Cola Cafe?), Main Stage (maybe in front of the Giant Sky Wheel).

  1. Brian Congdon
  2. Bruze Day
  3. BS & Liars
  4. Cowboy Randy Erwin
  5. Dad V
  6. Damon Dotson
  7. Decoy
  8. Dusty Baird
  9. The Nadas
  10. Party Party - karaoke band
  11. Pianopalooza featuring Tony Bohnenkamp, Jerry Lorenson and Friends
  12. The Pork Tornados
  13. The Spazmatics

Street performers

A variety of street performers provided by Lumina Entertainment including jugglers, stilt walkers, hula-hoopers, and fire performances after dark.

Hypnotism Show

Ben Ulin performs at 2pm and 6pm in Sheriff Sam's Saloon.


This grid should make it easier to see what is happening and when, so you can plan to see all 13 acts. Good luck! (And please let me know if you find any errors.) You can also view this as a Google calendar:

Or subscribe to this calendar on your phone.

2016 Oktoberfest Schedule
Time Carousel Coors Light Cafe Iowa Beer & Wine Main Stage Rathskeller Sheriff Sam's Contests
11:00 Bruce Day
11:30 Dusty Baird Brian Cogdon
12:00 Pianopalooza
1:30 Damon Dotson
2:00 Cowboy Randy Decoy BS & The Liars
3:30 Brian Condon 3:45 Angry Apple Bobbing
4:00 Hypnotism Show
4:30 The Nadas
5:00 Party Party Pork Tornadoes
6:00 Hyptnotism Show
6:30 6:45: Stein Hoisting Finals
7:30 The Spazmatics
9:30 "Last Call" Fireworks


Over 25 food vendors and 7 food trucks, plus limited-capacity Bavarian Beer Feast ($20 meal) available from noon to 6:30 p.m. There were a few items added to the map after the initial list went out, so some entries under "Stands" might be food trucks. I don't know yet.

Park Food

  1. Alpine Foods
  2. Cookies and Cream
  3. Coors Light Cafe
  4. Iowa Cafe Fried Chicken
  5. Rathskeller Bier Garten
  6. Spectators Sports Bar and Grill
  7. Stella Artois Clubhouse Featuring the Belgium Beer Feast VIP Event

Food Trucks

  1. 515 Pi
  2. Captain Roy's
  3. Flip N' Chop
  4. Karam's Mediterranean Grill
  5. Miss Molly's
  6. The Big Red Food Truck
  7. The Hole Shebang

Specialty Food Stands

  1. Akebono
  2. Baru66
  3. Benoit's Ice Cream
  4. Bistro Montage
  5. Blackcat Ice Cream
  6. Blue Tomato
  7. Brazilian Beef Charcoal Co.
  8. Cheese Shop, The
  9. Claxson’s BBQ
  10. Fireside Grill
  11. Formaro's Stuffed
  12. German Authentisch Samarui Scallop Fried Rice
  13. Guru BBQ
  14. Iowa Pork Chop Shop
  15. Jack & Vinnies
  16. Korean Chix BBQ
  17. Macubana
  18. Popping with Pride Kettle Korn
  19. Spectator's Sports Bar & Grill
  20. State Fair Guinea Grinders
  21. Strudl Haus
  22. Tacopacolypse
  23. Tami’s Tarts


Pay to Play

  1. Alpine Games
  2. County Fair Games
  3. Hamm’s Beer Speed Pitch
  4. Keg Bowling
  5. Pumpkin Launcher
  6. Roomba Beer Pong

Free to Play

To be announced.

Rides Operating

  1. Balloon Race
  2. Der Flinger
  3. Falling Star
  4. Galleon
  5. G-Force
  6. Giant Sky Wheel
  7. Lady Luck
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Monster
  10. Scrambler
  11. Space Shot
  12. Storm Chaser
  13. Tea Cups
  14. Tilt-A-Whirl
  15. Town Square Carousel
  16. Tornado

This means "most" of the park will be open. Since the event is 21+, none of the kiddie rides are needed. It looks like Dragon Island and beyond is off limits (so no Dragon, Sidewinder or Outlaw). It looks like we'll only miss the Inverter, Frantic Freeway bumper cars, Sky Ride, Underground and the two water-ish rides, Splash Over and Raging River. Not bad at all for $15!


  1. Airbrush Avenue will be doing airbrush T-shirts, etc.
  2. Hollywood Caricatures will be operating at two locations.

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