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Iowa Beer and Wine Shop

Name Iowa Beer and Wine Shop
Category Tent
Type Alcohol
Park Area Iowa Farm
First Year 2015
Replaced Farm House
About the Food and Drink Info Box

Iowa Beer and Wine Shop is an a is located at the farm house in Iowa Farm. It opened in 2015. It is directly next to the Storm Chaser ride. It features a selection of Iowa craft beers and wines, as well as the frozen Monster specialty drink.

For 2017, the represent the following local breweries:

And the following wineries:

Restrooms are located around back of the house.

Sometime around 8/27/2016, trees and bushes in the two patches of grass in front of the farm house were removed. Sometime during the week of 9/5/2016, construction began on a new front patio. After trees had been removed a few weeks earlier, the rest of the grassy area was taken out and new concrete was poured. In the center is a lighter concrete in the shape of Iowa.

For Oktoberfest 2016, they erected a temporary tent cover and stage. For 2017, a new barn-shape permanent tent was added, and an elevated stage was installed for summer music.


  • Buy a plastic Oktoberfest mug at the Bier Garten and get 24 ounce refills of draft beer for $6 anywhere in the park (instead of $10). You break even at two drinks.
  • For The Monster frozen beverage, you can refill the 24 ounce drink containers for the price of the 16 ounce drink.


Draft Beers

  1. Exile, Peacetree, Boone Valley, Fire trucker

Canned Beer

  1. Peacetre, Firetrucker, West O, Millstream, Kalyan, Exile, No Coast, Backpocket
  2. Domestics and imports

Specialty Drinks

  1. Mimosa $9
  2. Bloody Beer $9
  3. Howdy's Apple Pie $5 (1.5 ounce pour)
  4. Sangria (red or white) $7
  5. Monster frozen drink (not on menu but they have the machine) $12 w/souvineer cup. Refills $9.


  1. Chips
  2. Root Beer Floats (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  3. Sandwiches (ham and cheese sub, Italian sub, club sub, roast beef cheese sub) $5.50
  4. Sandwich and chips combo $6
  5. Chips
  6. Chocolate Chip Cookie


  1. Wine Flight - the 4 ounce pours for $14
  2. cedar ridge harvest blush
  3. cedar ridge edelweiss
  4. jasper winery unoaked seyval
  5. cedar ridge blanc de Blanchard
  6. jasper winery front porch
  7. jasper winery Lucy lane
  8. Bottles available, for pickup at front gate in the way out.


  1. peacetree Root Beer $4.50
  2. millstream cream soda $4.50
  3. dejablu and Fiji water



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