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Bavaria (aka Apline Village)


Name Bavaria (aka Apline Village)
Theme German
First Year 1976
About the Area Info Box

Bavaria opened as Alpine Village in 1976. It is a German-themed area just to the west of Main Street. The Bavaria name appeared on the Wikipedia page in 2006, so it may not be an official name for the area. When the maps listed it as Alpine Village, there was a mountain themed roller coaster called Der Flitzer there (where the Giant Sky Wheel currently sits). That would make the Apline name make sense (Apline means mountains). There is also Alpine Games (which today leads in to the Main Street Arcade) and Alpine Foods. Besides those two signs, though, Bavaria would make more sense due to the German Bier Garten and Rathskeller. There is nothing "Alpine" about the area any longer except the arcade and food stand signs.

The Sky Ride opened the previous year, but the Bavarian-themed clock building that serves as the queue area was not built until 1976.

Food and Drink

  1. Alpine Foods
  2. Bier Garten
  3. Rathskeller
  4. Water fountain inside the Main Street Arcade near the restrooms.


  1. Alpine Games aka Main Street Arcade
  2. Hi-Striker
  3. Mr Frog
  4. Platter Shatter
  5. Yacht Club


The nearest restrooms are located in the Main Street Arcade and next to the Giant Sky Wheel.


  1. G-Force - while the ride is inside the Main Street Arcade, the entrance is on the Bavaria side before the Bier Garten.
  2. Sky Ride - listed here because its show building is decorated the same as the Bavaria area nearby.



There are no current shows in this area, but in the past, a mobile show called Boys Rock performed nearby.


  1. Apline: of or relating to high mountains.
  2. Bavaria: a state in southern Germany, formerly an independent kingdom; capital, Munich. German name.


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