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Puff the Dragon


Name Puff the Dragon
Category Kiddie Ride
Park Area Dragon Island
First Year 1991
Dispatch Rate INFO NEEDED
Ride Duration INFO NEEDED
About the Ride Info Box

Puff the Dragon is a children's ride located on Dragon Island on the way to Outlaw Gulch. It opened in at a different location in 1991 before moving to its current location in 1993.

Puff the Dragon was originally located under the shelter where the Dragon Island games are today. When Outlaw Gulch opened in 1993, Puff Dragons moved down the new path to its current location.

NOTE: Do we need to split this up in to a separate page for the old and new location? It's the same ride, but technically it's Riverview Himalaya -> Puff Dragons -> Dragon Island Games but Puff Dragons is still there, just somewhere else. This page is tagged with the Rides Moved category.


Ride name and song

Puff Dragons is likely a reference to the Peter, Paul and Mary song Puff the Magic Dragon.



  • Sign: No sign at the ride.
  • Guide Map: Puff the Dragon
  • In-Park Map Signs: PUFF THE DRAGON
  • Website: Puff Dragons

Do not look up the slang definition of "puff" or the ride will take on a whole new meaning.

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