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May 31, 2021 - Happy 46th Anniversary, Adventureland!

May 31, 1975 - Official grand opening. Congressman Neal Smith, Altoona Mayor Lloyd Sievers and Adventureland President John Krantz spoke at the opening ceremony. (But parts of the park opened in 1974.)

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Name Dragon
Category Thrill Ride
Type Steel Coaster
Park Area Dragon Island
First Year 1990
Replaced Haunted House
Final Year 2019
Replaced By Dragon Slayer
Riders 24 (6 cars X 4)
Dispatch Rate 4:15
Ride Duration 3:15
About the Ride Info Box

Dragon is a double loop steel coaster located on Dragon Island. According to the Adventureland website, it opened on May 12, 1990. It was the only looping coaster in the park until the Monster opened in 2016. In 2020, the ride was disassembled. Adventureland made an announcement showing a drawing of a knight slaying a dragon.

According to Mike's Adventureland Pages, the Dragon was custom designed and costs $2.5 million. It climbs to 100 feet and drops through two 70-foot loops at 5.5 G's before slowing through a double reverse spiral. The official website says it is over 2600 feet of track.

While the Dragon originally operated with seven cars in the train, sometime between 1999 and 2001 it switched to using only six. Does anyone know when, and why? Also, there is an old photo on the official website that shows the front car with "the DRAGON" on it, which later photos don't have (this picture is no longer on the site but still shows up in a BING image search as an image from adventurelandpark.com). Was the front car replaced at some point?

Also, sometime between 2004 and 2008, belts were added to lock down the shoulder harness. I have a photo in 2004 showing no belts, and a photo in 2008 showing the belts, but I don't have any close up pictures of the years in between to know when they added them. Does anyone know?

The Dragon's queue building was once home to a Haunted House dark ride, and later, the Convoy. The Convoy was relocated and still exists, so Dragon didn't technically replace it, which is why this page lists it as replacing the Haunted House.


Haunted House tracks

The queue area was originally built to house a haunted house dark ride acquired from Rirverview Park. On the concrete floor you can still see places where the track was installed, as well as tire marks from where the ride cars used to travel.


The shields you see hanging on the wall in the queue area represent ... Something. But what?

Mirror Maze

The ride exit goes through a small Mirror Maze which was once a larger standalone attraction. If my understanding is correct, there used to be a large mirror maze in the queue building, but it was removed when the Dragon was built. The original maze was from Riverview Park. At the exit, the funhouse style mirrors are likely not the type of "mirror maze" that was there. Anyone have photos?

Related to Saw Mill Splash...

The Dragon was made by Hopkins Rides. In 2012, Hopkins Rides was acquired by WhiteWater West. WhiteWater West made Saw Mill Splash. They also created Kokomo Kove.

Mighty Morphing Power Rangers

Stock footage of the Tornado and Dragon appeared in an episode of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers


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