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May 31, 2021 - Happy 46th Anniversary, Adventureland!

May 31, 1975 - Official grand opening. Congressman Neal Smith, Altoona Mayor Lloyd Sievers and Adventureland President John Krantz spoke at the opening ceremony. (But parts of the park opened in 1974.)

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Information on this site is unofficial. It is compiled by fans of Adventureland amusement park in Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines). There may be inaccuracies and omissions. For official Adventureland information, visit the official website.

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Welcome to the UNOFFICIAL Adventureland Resort InfoPages!

This is NOT an official Adventureland web site. This is a fan site. The official websites are:

But now that you are here... Welcome! This site will hopefully evolve in to the most comprehensive database of all things related to Adventureland Resort in Altoona, Iowa. Please read the About page to learn more about this project.

About this Unofficial Website Project

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Adventureland Park

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Special Events


  • Doodles - some of my Adventureland-related doodles.
  • Maps - a collection of park maps

Dream On

What are your crazy ideas for the park? Send them in and we'll feature them here!

  • proposal: 50th Anniversary - what could the park to do celebrate this milestone?
  • Proposal: A-Train Update - a proposal for updating the A-Train ride with simple show scenes and audio.
  • Proposal: Adventureland Museum Exhibit - a proposal for a multimedia presentation on the history of the park.
  • Proposal: Adventureland Scavenger Hunt - a proposal for a trivia/scavenger hunt for kids and adults.
  • Proposal: Christmas on Main Street - a proposal for a hard-ticket Holiday and shopping event.
  • Proposal: Halloween - a proposal for another October event Adventureland could hold.
  • Proposal: Underground Update - ideas for updating the Underground to a new ride experience (on a shoestring budget).
  • Proposal: Season Pass Holder Party - a proposal for a hard-ticket event just for season pass holders.
  • Proposal: Space Shot Lights - some cool things they could do with the new LED lights.

External Links

Adventureland Inn

Once the Adventureland Park section is complete, we will start working on this.

External Links

Adventureland Campground

Once the Adventureland Park section is complete, we will start working on this.

External Links