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Magic and Comedy Review

Name Magic and Comedy Review
Category Indoor
Type Magic
Park Area Sheriff Sam's Saloon
First Year 1987
About the Show Info Box

Ben Ulin's magic and comedy show inside Sam Adams Saloon. 2018 is his 31st year performing at Adventureland, making him one of the longest running acts at any amusement/theme park in the world. Probably.

In 1996, Ben moved to the Palace Theater to perform Unbelievable Magic and Mysteries. That year, the Rootin' Tootin' Wild West Review took over in the Saloon. Ben would return to the Saloon in 1997.

For 2016, shows are at 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm and 5pm. There are two types of shows currently being performed.

The first and last show of the day (noon and 5pm) is the Glow! show, which is a blacklight magic show with no spoken words.

The middle shows of the day are traditional magic shows, with (as of 2016) two different shows in rotation.

To see all three shows, you need to watch: first OR last show, plus one odd-hour (1pm or 3pm) and one even hour (2pm or 4pm) show.

In 2018, a new digital sign appeared outside, and the theater received new flooring, new lights, and new permanent entrance wall/aisle that blocks the light better for the Glow show. The wall is adorned on both sides with images of classic magicians, as well as Ben Ulin. Because of this, some of us now refer to this as the Ben Ulin Theater.

Preshow Spiel

In 2018, two new preshow spiel began to play outside the saloon before each show.

Hey, you… yeah, you… Do you like magic? Well, I will read your mind... Hmmm, let me see. You are thinking…. Who is this guy talking to? Ha! Am I correct?! Well, come inside and get your seat for a real magic show - the illusions and fun of Ben Ulin. The show starts in ten minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen, come inside and enjoy the longest running show at Adventureland - The Magic and Mysteries of Ben Ulin! Hurry in, the show starts in 5 minutes.

Step inside, hurry along… step inside, there’s still 2 minutes until our master magician, Ben Ulin, starts the show.

According to a post in the Facebook group, the scripts were written by Ben Ulin, and a voice actor was hired to record them.


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