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Dragon Island Bridge


Name Dragon Island Bridge
Category Bridge
Park Area Dragon Island
First Year 1980
About the Shop Info Box

Dragon Island Bridge connects the River City/Last Frontier area of the park to Dragon Island. The current version was rebuilt and expanded in 2015. This bridge leads in to Dragon Island (which is not an island today) and beyond to Outlaw Gulch. Because of the addition of Outlaw Gulch in 1993, this might be referred to as the Dragon Island/Outlaw Gulch bridge ;-)

It is one of three bridges in the park. The others are the small bridge at the end of Main Street, and the bridge to Raging River. (Are there any others?)

Since XXXX, this bridge has had coin operated vending machines (like a candy/bubble gum machine) that dispense fish food. The water below the bridge is teaming with (primarily) catfish. Guests are often seen hanging out on the bridge tossing fish food in to the man made river.

Another fish feeding location is in River City behind the River City Smoke Shack. Fish are also found around the bridge to Raging River, but no food dispensers are on that bridge.


  1. Fish Food (.25 vending machines)


Archway sign

Up until XXX, there was an archway sign over the bridge that clearly marked it as the entrance to Dragon Island. In XXXX, the archway was removed and replaced by posts on each side that read Dragon Island. After the remodel in 2015, no signage exists to indicate any name of the bridge or area.


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