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Information on this site is unofficial. It is compiled by fans of Adventureland amusement park in Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines). There may be inaccuracies and omissions. For official Adventureland information, visit the official website.

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There are many ways to save money at Adventureland Park in Altoona, Iowa. If a discount is available at a particular Food and Drink location, it will be noted on that page. Below you can find an overall summary of the discounts we currently know about. This information was compiled in 2016, and we will be updating for 2017 as we become aware of changes. If you know anything we missed, let us know and we will get it updated.

Adventure Card Cash Back

You can get an Adventure Card (like a gift card) and load cash on it online or via the ticket booths. As you spend, you earn a 2% cash back credit on the card. Cash can also be loaded on a season pass (see below) to receive the same bonus. And, through the first of June, each $50 you load (up to $300) at the ticket booths will get you an extra $5 bonus free. For the first $300 us load and use before early June, you are getting 12% back. Easy!

Season Pass Discounts

  • 2% cash back - you can load cash on to your season and use it anywhere in the park that can swipe credit cards. When you do this, you earn 2% cash back. It's like a 2% discount on your vacation! You can load money on the card at the main Ticket Booths, or online (there is a website listed on the back of the Season Pass). You can do this and earn the normal discounts PLUS the 2%. NOTE: Through Early June, ever $50 you load (up to $300) at the ticket booths will get you an extra $5. If you plan to spend $300 over the course of the season, that's a 10% bonus -- but be sure to load at the front gate before June (the bonus is not added if you load online).
  • 15% food/drink discount at Iowa Cafe.
  • Free parking - the season pass saves you from paying $10 parking every time you visit.
  • Merchandise discounts.

In 2017, the $42 admission plus $10 parking means that you break even on a season pass by your third visit during the year. If you are just dropping off your kids (not paying for parking), then four visits should do it.

Refill Discounts

These need updating for 2017 as some prices have increased.

  • Popcorn tub - $2 refills for plain popcorn, $4 refills for specialty popcorn. There are five different types of popcorn sold in the park in 2017.
  • Oktoberfest mug - $6 for 24 ounce draft beer refills (versus $10). The mug costs $12, so after your first mug and refill ($18) you come out ahead ($10 x 2 = $20). Refills are honored at draft beer locations (Bier Garten, Iowa Beer and Wine Shop, and the Hawaiian beer kiosk near Sand Bar when it is open).
  • Soft drink refill cup.
  • ICEE cup - $3.50 ICEE refills at ICEE Mix It Up and Frozen Lemonade (and maybe at the place in Adventure Bay too?).
  • Adult beverage frozen drink cup (same one used for ICEEs) - $9.50 for a 24 ounce refill instead of more. Iowa Beer and Wine Shop has The Monster frozen drink, and Abita Bar has four other frozen drinks. You may are may not be able to get a discount on frozen drinks at the Sand Bar, depending on the knowledge of the bartender working. I have been told no sometimes, and yes other times (sometimes getting 24 ounces, sometimes getting just a single cup poured in). They must not have many people bring them over there yet.
  • The soft drink refill cup is $6.50 in the park, but it is sold at the Trolley Stop gift shop in the hotel for $5.50. You can save a buck by picking one up there, then using it in the park.

Ticket Discounts

  • Coupons - available at ... ???
  • Employer discounts - many large employers in the area offer discounted single-day Adventureland tickets. (As low as $22!).
  • Two day pass - saves money over buying two single day tickets, but must be used on back-to-back days.