Bernie's Barnyard

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Bernie's Barnyard


Name Bernie's Barnyard
Theme Children's Play Area
First Year 2018
Replaced Country Picnic Grounds
About the Area Info Box

Bernie's Barnyard is a new children's play area opening in 2018.


A sign at the entrance displays these rules:

  • Adults must be accompanied by a child 60" or less in this area
  • Children 12 years of age and younger should never be left unattended by a parent or guardian. Unattended children will be taken to Guest Information.
  • Photography and videography should be limited to your immediate group only. No general photography or videography is allowed in this area without the express consent of Adventureland Resort.
  • Shirt, shorts or pants and proper footware are required in this area at all times.
  • Please observe all posted signs and attendance instructions at all times.

In summary, the area is designed for children 12 and under that are 60" or shorter.

Food and Drink

  1. Fruit and veggie cups
  2. Kiddie frozen drinks
  3. Uncrustables


There are a number of coin operated games/rides inside the barn.

  1. TBA


The nearest restrooms are located in Iowa Farm behind Frosted Lemonade and Iowa Beer and Wine Shop.


  1. Junior Jockeys
  2. Shakin' Bacon


There is a gift shop in the barn that sells Barnyard-related items.




  • The entrance barn was used for private events. Companies would rent the Country Picnic Grounds and have food and drinks catered and served from that barn.
  • The painted birdhouses on the fence (to the right when you enter the playground) were painted by students at Cornell Elementary. (Info from Adventureland on their official Facebook page.)


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