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May 31, 2021 - Happy 46th Anniversary, Adventureland!

May 31, 1975 - Official grand opening. Congressman Neal Smith, Altoona Mayor Lloyd Sievers and Adventureland President John Krantz spoke at the opening ceremony. (But parts of the park opened in 1974.)

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Tea Cups


Name Tea Cups
Category Family Ride
Type Spinning
Park Area Boulevard
First Year 1976
Riders 24 (6 cups X 4)
Dispatch Rate 4:00
Ride Duration 2:00
About the Ride Info Box

Tea Cups is a spinning ride located in the Boulevard. It opened in 1976.

For the 2018 season, it received a colorful new sign.



Disneyland in California and The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida both have tea cup themed spinning rides called "Mad Hatter's Tea Party." The Adventureland version is a different type of ride, where the cups interchange locations on multiple platforms, while the Disney versions just rotate.



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