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River City Spectators


Name River City Spectators
Category Building
Type Barbecue
Park Area River City
First Year 2017
Replaced River City Smoke Shack
About the Food and Drink Info Box

River City Spectators is a food location in River City. It opened in 2017, as a renaming of the previous River City Smoke Shack. It serves funnel cakes on one side, and barbecue/turkey legs on the other. The barbecue and sauces are made at Spectators Sports Bar and Grill at the Adventureland Inn.

NOTE: How should we handle historical food items? This location is the same (same name?) as before, but it remodeled and removed one of the three serving windows. Maybe individual pages can have a History section as well listing years when menus changed, etc.?



  1. Soft Drinks
  2. Water


  1. Brisket sandwich $6.50 / $10.50
  2. Walking BBQ $5.75
  3. Pork $5.75 / $9.50
  4. Turkey Leg $7.75 / $11.50
  5. Dr Pepper Baked Beans $2
  6. Coleslaw $2
  7. Chips $1.50
  8. Pickle on a Stick $2.25
  9. Funnel Cakes, same as Rathskeller

Combo includes drink, plus beans, chips or coleslaw.


Feed the fishies

Behind the building is a waterside seating area. In XXXX, fish food dispensing machines were added. Today you can feed the catfish over there like you can on Dragon Island Bridge but with less crowds and people traffic.

Made in the U.S.A.

Actually, made in the resort... The BBQ sauce, and some other food items are actually made at the Adventureland Resort.


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