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Name Re-Wired
Category Stage
Type Music
Park Area Soda and Sounds
First Year 2002
Final Year 2002
About the Show Info Box

Re-Wired was a song and dance show performed at Soda and Sounds in 2002.


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Think high concept. Think FX. Think sequel. After a successful season with the new contemporary show “”Wired For Sound” Re-Wired is the natural sequel delivering a highly-choreographed contemporary collage of hits from the stars who are currently making a huge impact on the record charts. Slick-polished high-energy maneuvers, combined with tight harmonies, impressive lead-vocals, and coordinated outfits that leave no doubt in the viewers mind that this show is 2002. This summer we’ll get caught up on the latest sounds of the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, N’Sync, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez as well as some new names since last year like Dream, Sugar Ray, Pink,

This years set will be dominated by a metallic presence, using 3D geometric holographic effects, creating a mysterious but inviting futuristic flavor. And with lightening-fast changes, in keeping with the seamless pace of this show, the girls and guys costumes utilizes vibrant colors and textures to provide exciting unique looks from scene to scene.

A SHOCKER of a show: turbo-charged with special effects, electrifying acoustics, and super-powered performers. RE-WIRED… high-voltage entertainment at it’s best.