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Rally Round


Name Rally Round
Category Building
Type Corn Dogs
Replaced By Chicken Shack
About the Food and Drink Info Box

Rally Round is a food location near XXXX. It opened in XXXX. It servers corn dogs. It's current location used to be Chicken Shack (first location), and before then it was Curley Q Fries.

The history here is a bit confusing because the name has been used for two different locations. Originally, Rally Round was in a small building near where the River Rapids log ride was. That building burnt down on December 15, 2011, and they built a new larger building there and moved the Chicken Shack to it. At that time (I assume), Rally Round moved to the old Chicken Shack/Curley Q Fries building.

TODO: Since they were at different locations, I think they need separate pages for them. Not sure how they should be named. Maybe with the year they first opened? i.e., "Chicken Shack (2006)" for the food place that opened at that building in 2016. The new location would just be "Chicken Shack", but if they move it somewhere else later, we'd rename that one to "Chicken Shack (2012)" or something. I think that will work.

Rally Round (old) -> Chicken Shack (2012?) Curley Q Fries -> Old Chicken Shack (old) -> Rally Round (2012?)



  1. Soft drinks
  2. Tea
  3. Water
  4. Sunny D
  5. Crystal Light packet


  1. Chips $1.50
  2. Cookie $2.25
  3. Corn Bratwurst $4.75
  4. Corn Dogs $4.25
  5. Curly Fries $3.50, add chili or cheese
  6. Footlongs $4.25
  7. Footlong corn dog $5.25
  8. Hot Dogs $3.25
  9. Veggie Corn Dog $4.75
  10. Veggie Dogs $3.75
  11. Waffle Fries $3.50


Chicken corn dog switcheroo!

The original Chicken Shack building is now the Rally Round. After the original Rally Round corn dog stand burnt down in 2011, they rebuilt a larger building in its place and made it the new Chicken Shack. At that time, they moved the corn dogs to the old chicken building.


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