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Adventureland Store


Name Adventureland Store
Category Building
Type Souvenirs
Park Area Main Street
First Year 1998
Replaced Public School
Final Year 2017
About the Shop Info Box

Adventureland Store was located at the southwest corner of Main Street, just past the left tunnel. It sold park-specific merchandise. Most everything in this location would feature the Adventureland logo or something specific to a ride in the park.

It was replaced by stroller and wheelchair rentals in 2018, after those items moved from the old Fire Station.

It was home to one of two penny press machines in the park. The other is at the Storm Chaser Store.

Up until 1997, this location was set up as a school, and not a shop. It had three rows of three desks and a teacher's desk, as well as two candle holders on the walls. It was remodeled and used for processing Season Passes from 2003(?) to 2006(?). (Outside building was in use in 2008. No obvious signs in 2007 -- where were passes in 2007?)

It was turned in to a retail space in sometime after 2006. (When?)

After the fire of 2010 destroyed the toy store, the park remodeled this location in to the Toy Box.

There were at least two other locations on Main Street that were originally displays rather than stores. The Fire Station and Post Office.


  • Park-specific merchandise.




In 2012, various artifacts from Adventureland's past were put on display on the lower counters. There are brochures, ash trays, matchboxes, maps and even a picture post card from Riverview Park.

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