Unsubstantiated Inverter Rumor of the Day

 Some potential good news for Inverter fans!

Yesterday, Saturday June 10, 2017, Facebook member Joey H. reported that The Inverter was being tested, giving hope that the ride is repaired and will soon return to operating in the park. Thank you, Joey, for passing this along!

Today, however, we have different news.

The UIROTD (Unsubstantiated* Inverter Rumor of the Day) for Saturday, June 11, 2017 is that it is the The Inverter is now officially* leaving the park, to be replaced by … we don’t know yet.

This comes from a Facebook comment left by a ride operator in the park:

“Official word has just come-down the inverter is going to be replaced but nobody knows with what”

I’ll leave out the poster’s name in case they weren’t supposed to mention this and decide to delete the original.

Wait a sec. Can anything “official” still be considered a rumor? I really want to use my new Rumor category here. I guess since, as much as I trust Facebook for all my medical and political advice, the only official Adventureland statements on Facebook have to come from the park’s official page, I can happily call this a rumor.

All of you who like this ride should make sure to hop on it this season for one last ride. Assuming it starts running, that is.

*un·sub·stan·ti·at·ed  – not supported or proven by evidence. Aren’t all rumors unsubstantiated by nature? I mean, if they were supported or proven by evidence, would they be a rumor?

Inverter rumors and Raging River status update

Although The Inverter was operating earlier in May, it has been down the past several weeks.

Lately folks have been repeating a rumor that The Inverter will be the next ride removed by the park. This was even mentioned by a few park workers this season, with one saying they heard a new log ride was going to be built “this year.”

The park has made no such announcement But rumors are fun. 🙂

While many would welcome a new water ride to the park, with Adventure Bay being part of standard admission (and it’s nothing but “water rides”), maybe a new water ride isn’t necessary. It also seems highly unlikely a ride would be shut down during the season and construction started on a replacement. Even the huge Monster project wasn’t started until after the end of the 2015 season.

If the park were to remove a ride, which ride would you not mind going away? And what kind of ride would you like to see in its place?

Meanwhile, down near River City, Raging River has yet to open this season.

Raging River hasn’t raged yet this season.

Posters in the Facebook group say that the ride is gaining new foot switches that multiple operators will need to stand on the deploy a raft. This is similar to how rides like Storm Chaser operate, where multiple workers must press buttons at the same time for the ride to start.

A member of Theme Park Review wondered if they would be updating the system to allow loading and deploying two rafts at a time, instead of just one. They pointed out the load area was designed for this, and someone in our Facebook group mentioned they used to do it that way before seat belts were added which added to the load time.

I don’t know. I’m just a guy who likes amusement parks and takes a bunch of pictures 😉

Got any rumors about Raging River? Feel free to post them in the comments…