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May 31, 1975 - Official grand opening. Congressman Neal Smith, Altoona Mayor Lloyd Sievers and Adventureland President John Krantz spoke at the opening ceremony. (But parts of the park opened in 1974.)

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Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Soda


Name Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Soda
Category Kiosk
Type Soda
Park Area Outlaw Gulch
First Year 2009
Replaced Outlaw Gulch Stage
About the Food and Drink Info Box

Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Soda is a wagon-themed kiosk located in Outlaw Gulch. It opened late in the 2009 season. It serves various types of old-style sodas and snacks.

Although the menu sign calls it Chuckwagon Soda, the writing on the wagon says Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda.


Buy a tin cup for $6 and get refills in it for $3. (I have yet to see the tin cups there in 2016. Instead, they have plastic ones.)



  1. Soda (Orange, strawberry, Diet Coke, root beer, Vanilla Coke, red cream soda) in souviner Cup $4.75, refills $3
  2. Powerade (bottled)
  3. Sunny D (bottled)
  4. Water (bottled)


  1. Beef Sticks $4.50 / $6.75
  2. Beef Jerky $9.50 / $15.50
  3. Floats $6.25
  4. Blue Bunny $2
  5. Chill $2.50


The hidden stage

The backdrop of this kiosk looks like the front of an old shack. This backdrop was originally part of a small stage location when Outlaw Gulch first opened. (Details needed on what type of show was there; I did see a cowboy character standing on it once with some kind of pump thing that sprayed water, but I never was around to see what his show was.) When construction began for this food stand, the stage was removed and a new floor and roof was constructed.



  • Sign: The menu sign says Chuckwagon Soda, but the wagon itself reads Outlaw Gulch Chuck Wagon Old Fashioned Soda.
  • Guide Map: Not listed specifically; just part of Outlaw Gulch Foods.
  • In-Park Map Signs: CHUCK WAGON (two words)
  • Website: Outlaw Gulch Old Time Soda Wagon

Well, whatever they call it, the soda sure is good. Chuckwagon as one word is not in my spell checker, though, so that seems to be wrong.

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