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Information on this site is unofficial. It is compiled by fans of Adventureland amusement park in Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines). There may be inaccuracies and omissions. For official Adventureland information, visit the official website.

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Greetings. I'm Allen Huffman and this is one of my websites.

I got my first digital camera in 1996 and started taking photos everywhere I traveled for work. If I was in a city with an amusement park, I'd try to visit it. Over the years I have posted over 80,000 digital photos on my website,, including thousands from Adventureland in Iowa.

Lame Claims to Adventureland Fame

Facebook Group

I maintain a Facebook discussion group about Adventureland.


I have over 12,000 digital photos from Adventureland dating back to 1996.

Wikipedia Entry

I am the person who started the Wikipedia entry for Adventureland in 2006. When Adventureland launched their current version of the website, it used content from that Wikipedia entry on it's about] page, including much text I originally wrote. I guess this means I have also indirectly contributed to the official website.

  • January 5, 2006 - Discussion began on the Wikipedia Talk page of the Disneyland Adventureland page. At that time, "Adventureland" linked to a page about the land at the Disney parks. In order to create a new page for the Iowa park, it would need to be called something else like "Adventureland (Iowa)" so the discussion was began on how to do this.
  • January 6, 2006 - Wikipedia Adventureland disambiguation (index) page created. (See the first version.) Today, that page links out to pages for the Disney park lands, the movie, plus parks called Adventureland in Iowa, Illinois and New York, as well as the old computer game and a few other things.
  • January 6, 2006 - Adventureland (Iowa) Wikipedia entry created. (See the first version from that day. Humble beginnings!)

Over the past ten years, that page has grown as many others have contributed information and corrected mistakes. There are still many things wrong on that page, and as we get correct information on this site I will be revising the Wikipedia entry as well.

YouTube Videos

I also have many Adventureland videos on YouTube. At some point I will update this page with links. Until then, here is a playlist containing all (I think) of my Adventureland videos, going back to 1999:

I know a dude...

And, I have met some really great people who work for Adventureland. Although none of them have any direct involvement with this website, their information has been invaluable in building it and the wikipedia entry.

Other Projects

Audio/Video Productions

I create radio and TV commercials, and have done custom audio/video effects work for local haunted house attractions.


I provide low-cost web hosting to about 100 sites right now, including many of my own.