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Information on this site is unofficial. It is compiled by fans of Adventureland amusement park in Altoona, Iowa (near Des Moines). There may be inaccuracies and omissions. For official Adventureland information, visit the official website.

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Trivia questions:


  1. Where can you find a hangman's gallows?


  1. Fire Station number __?
  2. According to the outside, what two things can you find in the Penny Arcade?
  3. What is the Tonsorial Parlor?
  4. What color is HIRES?
  5. What color is CORBET?
  6. What is in front of the Boarding House that is unique?
  7. How many Banks are there?
  8. What color is the Dress Shop?
  9. What building has a weather vane?
  10. What color is L. Strauss?
  11. Boot Shop
  12. How much is the Undertaker?
  13. What is the Gun Smith slogan?
  14. What is the Leather Goods slogan?
  15. Furniture slogan?
  16. How many places can you get a haircut?
  17. What can you do in the Mercantile building?
  18. What is the population of Outlaw Gulch?
  19. How many epitaphs are there in Outlaw Gulch?


  1. How much is a bath?
  2. How much is a shave and a haircut?
  3. How much are things in the Penny Arcade?


  1. Who is T. Carolyn Acheson?
  2. What does Blackwell do?
  3. What does Lannie run?


  1. 1877
  2. 1880?
  3. 1881
  4. 1889?
  5. 1890?
  6. 1901
  7. 1902