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Name Garfield
Category Costume
Type Cat
About the Character Info Box

In 2001, Garfield appeared as a guest mascot at Adventureland and other parks. (I know I saw him at Kennywood in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania that year, too.)

Garfield is a long-running comic strip character (also turned in to cartoons and a 2004 live action movie, where Garfield was voiced by Bill Murray).

Press Release

New CEO Named At Adventureland

Officials at Adventureland Park announced today that a new CEO has been named for the Park. Garfield was promoted to the position of CEO (Cat Executive Officer) effective immediately. The move is intended to add even more fun and relaxation to the Des Moines based amusement facility by capitalizing on the talent and experience of the lovable feline.

Jack Krantz, owner of Adventureland, said that he is very please with the appointment, and can see a number of positive changes that will occur right away. Garfield’s first executive order established extended lunch breaks for all employees followed by mandatory naps.

Industry sources indicate that Garfield’s appointment to the position is very timely, and will add considerable character to the park. One source was quick to note that Garfield has been called fat, lazy, greedy, arrogant and selfish…and that’s by the people who like him.

In addition to his administrative duties, Garfield will be on hand to greet guests at Adventureland three times a day during the 2001 season. His long time friend and sidekick Odie will assist him in the park.



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