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In a few years, Adventureland will have its 50th anniversary. But when? Adventureland was "established" in 1973, but did not open to guests until 1974, and the official grand opening ceremony was not held until 1975. This means the 50th could be as early as 2023 or as late as 2025.

On August 19, 2014, the Des Moines Register ran an article about the 40th anniversary:


This would make the opening day be August 19, 1974. But, on my History page, I have been told the park opened on July 28th (Main Street) with rides opening on August 16. If that is true, where does the 19th come from? Perhaps it's a typo, since the article also reference to the "Main Town" area (capitalized) rather than calling it "Main Street", and that's one of the few things labeled on the current maps.

Or, perhaps it's similar to Disneyland, which celebrates on July 17th, even though that was a private preview day and the official public opening was not until a day later.

A scan of a newspaper article said the grand opening was on May 31, 1975.

I suppose we have a few years to lock down an official date. When we do, what should the park do for this anniversary? This page will discuss some ideas, based on things other parks have done (I was at Disneyland's 50th back in 2005).

More to come...