Happy Anniversary, 2018 edition.

Using my Adventureland Timeline, I decided to compile a list of notable anniversaries happening in the park this year.

As always, information here may be inaccurate. Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

5th Anniversary (opened in 2013)

  • Nothing known.

10th Anniversary (opened in 2008)

  • Kokomo Kove

15th Anniversary (opened in 2003)

  • Nothing known.

20th Anniversary (opened in 1998)

  • Mini Donuts

25th Anniversary (opened in 1993)

  • Outlaw Gulch
  • Outlaw
  • Chuck Wagon

30th Anniversary (opened in 1988)

  • Festival Picnic Area

35th Anniversary (opened in 1983)

  • Raging River

40th Anniversary (opened in 1978)

  • Tornado
  • Red Baron

I will update this article with any corrections I receive.


The ghost of Royal Hanneford Circus

In a previous article, I mentioned the conversion from Royal Hanneford Circus to the new Adventureland Circus, and noted that even the opening show guides still listed the old circus:

2017 handout circus ad.

There does seem to be one Royal Hanneford remnant still in the park…

Royal Hanneford reference somewhere in the park in 2017.

Do you know where this is? Answer in the comments 🙂


2016 season almost done…

Adventureland’s calendar tells me the park is now in weekends-only mode, meaning there are just five more weekends to get to the park this year (plus the special one-day Oktoberfest event on October 1).

If you haven’t made your trip yet, time is running out. After the peak summer months, the park should be far less crowded.