American Puppet Theater asks for your vote…

The American Puppet Theater has asked for your vote in a poll conducted by Des Moines Parent website. (I have contributed content for them in the past, relating to local Halloween haunted house activities.) They would love it if you’d vote for them in the category of “Best Children’s Theater” or “Best Outdoor Entertainment”:


Some categories you might consider:

18. Favorite Local Place for Children’s Outdoor Entertainment
66. Favorite Local Children’s Theater

American Puppet Theater at Advenutureland would fit in either spot, I think.

I’m sure the Little Adventurers would thank you for the support!


American Puppet Theater

There’s a new children’s show at the park this season: American Puppet Theater.

Based out of Chicago, Miss Green and her puppet friends present two shows at The Chapel each day.

American Puppet Theater at The Chapel.

On the stage, a small puppet theater is set up:

Miss Green and her puppet theater.

I grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and the puppets in the Land of Make Believe, but I have seen very few puppet shows in person. The show I caught featured two short stories.

The first involved a pirate and made references to the monster of Dragon Island. It was neat seeing the show customized for Adventureland. (For those who haven’t visited, Dragon Island is one of the “lands” of the park, where some carnival games are, as well as the Dragon roller coaster, Puff the Dragon and Himalaya).

American Puppet Theater pirate show.

The second show featured two friends and a tree:

American Puppet Theater.

Both shows are short enough they should work well with the A.D.D. generation of kids roaming the park these days.

If you stick around after the show, you can meet Miss Green and some of her puppets. She had a gift for the kid’s the stayed for this show:

American Puppet Theater meet-and-greet.

If you have little ones (or just like puppets), be sure to catch the American Puppet Theater this season, and tell Miss Green that sent you.

Miss Green of American Puppet Theater.