FOUR levels of season passes for 2021.

Recently, Adventureland announced a new multi-tier season pass offering for 2021. Four different passes will be available at different price points with different benefits. The complete details are found on the official website.

Here is a breakdown of the new tiers:

Bronze – $110

This new pass is $30 lower than last year’s $140 pass, but only includes:

  • Admission Monday-Thursday

No discounts, no parking, no Oktoberfest admission, no arcade game card, etc. This is the “babysitter pass” for parents to drop their kids off at the park. Since a pass that includes parking is only $30 more, and with parking costing $10 in 2020, anyone driving to the park and paying for parking more than three times is better off upgrading to the next level.

Silver – $140

The silver level, matching the price of last year’s full pass, is a step down from previous season passes as it does not include food/merchandise discounts, Oktoberfest admission, etc. It adds the following:

  • Free general parking.
  • $5 off a guest ticket.
  • Season Pass Holder Only Days admission.
  • Sunset on the Boulevard Concert Series admission.

Notice “general parking.” 2021 will now bring an upcharge for “priority parking.” Also new is the concert series and Season Pass Holder Only Days.

Gold – $175

The gold pass is the new equivalent to last year’s $140 season pass. This means the price jumped $35 this year, but some new benefits have been added. It includes everything from bronze and silver, then adds:

  • $10 off guest ticket.
  • 1 free guest ticket on each Season Pass Holder Only Days.
  • Circo de Luz Admission
  • 10% retail discount.
  • $5 arcade card.
  • Full refund on Adventure Bay tubes.
  • $20 off Adventure Bay cabana.
  • 2021 souvenir cup with one soft drink or ICEE refill.
  • 2021 souvenir bucket with one popcorn or cookie refill.
  • Oktoberfest admission (21+).
  • $20 off Labor Day Party admission (21+).
  • 10% discount at Spectators Bar & Grill.
  • $10 RV campground discount.
  • $15 Adventureland Inn room discount.

Also note the new Circo de Luz and Labor Day Party events.

Platinum – $290

And, much like the special VIP packages offered at Oktoberfest the past few years, there is a new mega season pass which includes everything above, but adds:

  • Early Adventure Bay check in at 10:30. (Is this admission, or just check in to get in?)
  • $50 off Adventure Bay cabana.
  • PLATINUM CUP with free soda and ICEE refills.
  • Labor Day Party admission.
  • Park Hospitality Suite Admission.
  • $15 RV campground discount.
  • $20-30 Adventureland Inn room discount.
  • Free one night stay at Adventureland Inn.
  • Adventureland Inn Splash Pass.

I could not find any details on some of these offerings, so right now it’s a leap of faith on upgrading to a higher pass level for events or benefits that have not been announced. However, compared to regular single day admission to the park plus parking, an individual going to the park ($50 ticket + $10 parking) just five times is a break even for the $290 platinum level.

Obviously, using ticket discounts would require going more than that to benefit.

The new “babysitter pass” is likely to be very useful to families who can visit Monday through Thursday. A parent can get a gold pass that covers parking, and the rest of the family can get the basic bronze pass and save a bunch of money after just a few visits.

I, personally, would go for gold or platinum since I used my passes for numerous 1-2 hour visits to the park over the season. Depending on what the special events are, the upgrade from the $175 pass to $290 ($115) depends on if you planned to use the hotel room and the cost of the special parties. For someone who gets one or two sodas each visit, just having free soda refills might make it worthwhile.

These are some fantastic options. Let’s hope we are allowed to go to amusements parks in 2021.

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