Bernie’s Barnyard rules

From photos posted in the Facebook group (most recently by Dee/Anna), it looks like Bernie’s Barnyard is either open, or will be opening soon. Here’s a look at the rules for the area:

Bernie’s Barnyard Rules

  • Adults must be accompanied by a child 60″ or less in this area
  • Children 12 years of age and younger should never be left unattended by a parent or guardian. Unattended children will be taken to Guest Information.
  • Photography and videography should be limited to your immediate group only. No general photography or videography is allowed in this area without the express consent of Adventureland Resort.
  • Shirt, shorts or pants and proper footware are required in this area at all times.
  • Please observe all posted signs and attendance instructions at all times.

As a parent of young child, I applaud the park’s efforts try to make this a “safe space” for kids. Back in 2011. the park began screening season pass applications through the Iowa sex offender registry.

At some point, I will want to contact the park’s media department and try to get some press photos to use for this new area in my wiki. Until then, parents, be sure to share your thoughts and opinions on the new area with me (and others) in the Facebook group, or drop my a note in e-mail. I’d love to share your reviews.


Someone much smarter than myself looked at the rules and said “oh, so if you have a tall child that is 12 or younger, neither child or parent can go in.” I took another look, and indeed, that is what it says:

  • Adult must have a child 60″ or less.
  • Children 12 and under cannot be unattended.

If “unattended” means a parent/guardian must be in the area with the child, then, yes, if you had a 12 year old that was over 5′ tall, you couldn’t go in with that child, and the child couldn’t go in with you.

But really, it just means the child must be under 60″ tall and age 12 and under. If you are too old, or too tall, it’s not an area for you 🙂

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