Happy Anniversary, 2018 edition.

Using my Adventureland Timeline, I decided to compile a list of notable anniversaries happening in the park this year.

As always, information here may be inaccurate. Any corrections or additions would be appreciated.

5th Anniversary (opened in 2013)

  • Nothing known.

10th Anniversary (opened in 2008)

  • Kokomo Kove

15th Anniversary (opened in 2003)

  • Nothing known.

20th Anniversary (opened in 1998)

  • Mini Donuts

25th Anniversary (opened in 1993)

  • Outlaw Gulch
  • Outlaw
  • Chuck Wagon

30th Anniversary (opened in 1988)

  • Festival Picnic Area

35th Anniversary (opened in 1983)

  • Raging River

40th Anniversary (opened in 1978)

  • Tornado
  • Red Baron

I will update this article with any corrections I receive.


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