Mixed drinks for children

Adventureland certainly has plenty of things that children will love to eat and drink, but in recent years, they’ve brought in some new offerings that are more “adult” in nature.

For instance, you may know about the park’s only full bar, the Sand Bar in Adventure Bay (one of my favorite spots!), but did you know about the Pint Sized Pub in the far back corner of the water park?

Pint Sized Pub is a kid-friendly version of the Sand Bar, offering snack food and “mixed drinks” for kids. Check out the drink names on their menu: Shirley Temple, Bernie’s Sunrise, Frog Hopper (named after the ride, I expect) and Blue Wave!

Pint Sized Pub menu.


I haven’t had a Shirley Temple since I was a youngun, and now I’m tempted to get one sometime this season!

And, for those who don’t venture that far back in the park, recall the Abita Bar that was added to River City in 2015. It served a few types of alcoholic frozen drinks. As mentioned previously, this location became Corona Cantina this year. In spite of the alcohol sponsorship, the frozen drinks are now virgin — they add the alcohol to them and mix them up. This means children can now get virgin versions of Margarita, Strawberry, Mango and Pina Colada!

Corona Cantina’s frozen drinks can now be made kid-friendly (or spiked for mommy and daddy).

How cool is that? Your kids can now drink just like mommy does!

Adventureland truly has something for everyone 😉

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