Restroom recap

Updated 6/10/2017 – added Iowa Beer and Wine restrooms and arcade restroom notes.

Updated 6/11/2017 – additional notes about the front gate restrooms.

Here’s a weird one… The restrooms of Adventureland!

This article is inspired by my wiki page that breaks down all the public restrooms in the park, and lists how many stalls (and/or urinals), sinks, and baby changing tables they have. (There is only one restroom that has no baby changing station.)

That page was, in turn, inspired by an old Disneyland fan website called “The Happiest Potties on Earth” which was put together by a woman who was pregnant at the time. Since someone on my Facebook group recently brought up nursing stations at the park, I thought it might be time to revisit the restrooms as well..

Ever find yourself standing in a really long line to use the restroom? If you find yourself doing this at Adventureland, you could probably take a short walk to another location and avoid the line. The park has plenty of restrooms, and some are very small (long lines!) while others are huge.

When I first visited Adventureland in 1995, one of the things I did not like about the park were the older restrooms. They reminded me of my old elementary school. (I guess I don’t really like standing shoulder to shoulder using a long group urinal as an adult, either.) Fortunately, there are plenty of modern restrooms as well.

Here’s a brief rundown…

In the entrance area you will find the first restrooms. For 2017, the park fenced them off so they could be opened up to the outside where the Season Passes are being processed. When they are closed to the inside park, a sign directs folks to the ones inside the Palace Theater. This was done by the park as a courtesy to guests so they have access to restrooms from outside without having to go through the line (great for folks who show up early, or exit then someone in the group decides they need a pitstop before getting back to the car).

Restrooms at the entrance.

Here’s one I didn’t know about until last year. There are restrooms inside the Palace Theater, and they are usually open to the public (along with water fountains). The theater was remodeled a few years ago and is REALLY NICE inside, and it’s worth stopping in for a drink of water just to check out the updates. The theater was used for big presentations every season until 1996. Today, it is used as a rental facility for corporate picnics, as well as craft shows in the off season (and gun shows, and arcade auctions, and…).

Restrooms in Palace Theater.

The restrooms at the corner of Main Street near the Giant Sky Wheel are the largest, but due to their location, they are often the busiest.

Restrooms near Giant Sky Wheel.

I think these restrooms inside Iowa Cafe are the smallest (no baby changing station), but when the restaurant isn’t busy, they are usually empty.

Restrooms in Iowa Cafe.

Did you know about the newest restrooms in the park, inside the Penny Arcade? They are clean and modern (but small). There is also a family restroom at this location.

Restrooms in Penny Arcade.

At the end of Main Street, around the corner from Professor Bellows, are these… Except during busy times, it seems folks just walk right past them.

Restrooms near Professor Bellows.

Next to Ladybug is this green restroom building.

Restrooms near Ladybug.

Between Lighthouse and the Golden Nugget Shooting Gallery is this one…

Restrooms near Lighthouse.

Over in the Iowa Farm section, there are restrooms in the farm house where Iowa Beer and Wine Shop is. Up until 2016, there was a grassy area out front with large restroom sign pointing the way. With the expansion of the new barn tent in 2017, that sign is gone (replaced by shade and live entertainment), but the restrooms are still there.

Restrooms behind Iowa Beer and Wine Shop.

Outlaw Gulch has its own restroom building.

Restrooms in Outlaw Gulch.

And, there are several huge restrooms over in Adventure Bay but I don’t have any information on them.

Which restroom is your favorite, and why? Answer in the comments… 😉

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