More newness for 2017

Updated 5/28/2017.

Adventureland continued to work on the park between the first few opening weekends, and before the park went to daily operation starting the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

The Chicken Shack new has new metal rails for folks to go through to pick up food and end up at the register.

Chicken Shack’s new railings, 2017.

Petunia Pig received a new lane sign noting it’s new bacon popcorn and 1/4 pound bacon on a stick.

Petunia Pig, with it’s new menu sign and new menu in 2017.

The following weekend, a second tall sign for the bacon on a stick appeared.

Petunia Pig’s Bacon-on-a-Stick is a quarter point of bacon, and almost as large as this sign.

In Outlaw Gulch, the food location that opened last year (moving next door from the old Saloon location) finally has a menu sign in the lane which lists an official name: Gulch Food. Fish sandwiches were added this year, too.

Gulch Foods has a new sign, and thus, an official name.

Flowers have appeared around the small pond in Iowa Farm near Petunia Pig, with more added the next weekend.

Fresh landscaping in Iowa Farm.

The area in front of the Giant Sky Wheel that had trees last year (cut down just before Oktoberfest) now has a beautiful flower bed and flag poles. The flags start with the United States of America flag, then various military flags. For Memorial Day Weekend, the park held a group photo of Adventureland employees with current or former military service. The Giant Sky Wheel also displayed a patriotic red, white and blue light pattern.

New flower bed and flag poles across from the Giant Sky Wheel.

More more to come… Check back for updates and photos.

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