Beware of fake Adventureland social media sites.


  • 2017-04-16 – Added YouTube

Today I found out that a YouTube channel I have been subscribed to for years was a fake account that had nothing to do with Adventureland. They use the address, phone number, website and logo, as well as photos from the resort which sure made them look legit.

But, a recent video contained clips of rides that were not at Adventureland, and some scenes of a hotel that was clearly not the Adventureland Inn. I thought maybe some intern had been assigned to make a new video and had simply searched for “Adventureland” to find images. Maybe those that were found belonged to the Adventureland in New York.

Turns out, it’s just some fake account. No clue why. Maybe they do this to tons of businesses, hoping to hijack visitors so they can get enough views to earn revenue for showing ads?

With that said, I am going to confirm and post the official social media accounts that the resort actually owns. These will end up on the Wiki, but for now, here is what I know:




  • Adventureland Inn – @adventurlandinn (note it does not have the ‘e’)
  • Spectators – @spectatorSBG (note it is different than the Instagram, and is singular “Spectator” instead of “Spectators”)


I will update any real park accounts I find here, too, when I get them.