Dragon and Splash Over going away. Dragon Slayer coming.

The big for 2020 was when Adventureland post this on May 17, 2020 to their Facebook page:

Mary 17, 2020 Facebook teaser.

The image of a knight slaying a dragon immediately started speculation that something would be happening to the double-loop Dragon coaster.

Two days later, on May 19, the park posted an animated GIF that has the same image rotating in to view with the text “The Dragon Slayer” above it:

May 19, 2020 Facebook post.

Facebook group member Alec Rushford posted that SkyHigh Coasters LLC had reshared the teaser on their Facebook page, with Tag Gable following up with a post saying that they were the ones that did the build job on last year’s Phoenix roller coaster.

Also on May 19, local TV station KCCI posted an article that included drone footage of the Dragon being dismantled at the park:


On May 21, Joe Paul, a member of our Adventureland Iowa Fans (Unofficial) Facebook group posted a screen shot they took from the Facebook page of SkyHigh Coasters LLC showing the Splash Over being dismantled as well.

May 21, 2020 Facebook screen shot.

That post was quickly removed from the page, but said a zoomed photo taken off property confirms this was actually happening.

As of this posting, it looks like the park will have two rides less for the 2020 season, with something new to replace the Dragon next year. Nothing has been announced about a replacement for the Splash Over (though some have speculated maybe it is just being disassembled to be refurbished and will return).

More tidbits when we have them…

Unsubstantiated Inverter Rumor of the Day

 Some potential good news for Inverter fans!

Yesterday, Saturday June 10, 2017, Facebook member Joey H. reported that The Inverter was being tested, giving hope that the ride is repaired and will soon return to operating in the park. Thank you, Joey, for passing this along!

Today, however, we have different news.

The UIROTD (Unsubstantiated* Inverter Rumor of the Day) for Saturday, June 11, 2017 is that it is the The Inverter is now officially* leaving the park, to be replaced by … we don’t know yet.

This comes from a Facebook comment left by a ride operator in the park:

“Official word has just come-down the inverter is going to be replaced but nobody knows with what”

I’ll leave out the poster’s name in case they weren’t supposed to mention this and decide to delete the original.

Wait a sec. Can anything “official” still be considered a rumor? I really want to use my new Rumor category here. I guess since, as much as I trust Facebook for all my medical and political advice, the only official Adventureland statements on Facebook have to come from the park’s official page, I can happily call this a rumor.

All of you who like this ride should make sure to hop on it this season for one last ride. Assuming it starts running, that is.

*un·sub·stan·ti·at·ed  – not supported or proven by evidence. Aren’t all rumors unsubstantiated by nature? I mean, if they were supported or proven by evidence, would they be a rumor?