Corn Dog Countdown

Corn Dogs have been a staple of carnivals for as long as there have been corn dogs. According to the always reliable Wikipedia, the corn dog was patented in 1927 here in America.

I bet Adventureland sells a ton of these things! In 2007, the park even sold “I (heart) Corn Dogs” shirts (and you could save 10% on one if you brought in a receipt showing you bought a corn dog).

Buy a corn dog, save money on a corn dog shirt (2007).
I (heart) Corn Dogs shirt in 2007.

Rally Round was one of the places that sold corn dogs. Here is the old location from 2009, when they had recently introduced foot long corn dogs to the park:

Rally Round in 2009.

Prices have gone up a bit since then 🙂

Today, the park has normal corn dogs as well as foot long corn dogs, but at some point in recent years they introduced veggie corn dogs and corn brats, too.

In 2016, Rally Round (in it’s new location, which was formerly the Chicken Shack) promoted the veggie corn dog as new that season:

Rally Round offering new Veggie Corn Dogs in 2016.

A week later, they had a nice permanent sign:

Veggie Corn Dogs at Rally Round in 2016.

I’d never had a corn brat before, so I tried one last year. It was quite good.

Corn Bratwust at Rally Round in 2016.

Now I’m hungry. I’ll have to go see if any place in the park sells foot long corn brats or veggie corn dogs.

I’ll see you at Rally Round