Maple bacon funnel cake

A new featured funnel cake for the week… Maple Bacon.

Bacon Maple Funnel Cake (Photo by Adventureland.)

I’m still bummed I missed out on the red velvet funnel cake. But bacon will work. ūüôā

Corn Dog Countdown

Corn Dogs have been a staple of carnivals for as long as there have been corn dogs. According to the always reliable Wikipedia, the corn dog was patented in 1927 here in America.

I bet Adventureland sells a ton of these things!¬†In¬†2007, the park even sold “I (heart) Corn Dogs” shirts (and you could save 10% on one if you brought in a receipt showing you bought a corn dog).

Buy a corn dog, save money on a corn dog shirt (2007).
I (heart) Corn Dogs shirt in 2007.

Rally Round was one of the places that sold corn dogs. Here is the old location from 2009, when they had recently introduced foot long corn dogs to the park:

Rally Round in 2009.

Prices have gone up a bit since then ūüôā

Today, the park has normal corn dogs as well as foot long corn dogs, but at some point in recent years they introduced veggie corn dogs and corn brats, too.

In 2016, Rally Round (in it’s new location, which was formerly the¬†Chicken Shack) promoted the veggie corn dog¬†as new that season:

Rally Round offering new Veggie Corn Dogs in 2016.

A week later, they had a nice permanent sign:

Veggie Corn Dogs at Rally Round in 2016.

I’d never had a corn brat before, so I tried one last year. It was quite good.

Corn Bratwust at Rally Round in 2016.

Now I’m hungry. I’ll have to go see if any place in the park sells foot long corn brats or veggie corn dogs.

I’ll see you at¬†Rally Round


Mixed drinks for children

Adventureland certainly has plenty of¬†things that children will love to eat and drink, but in recent years, they’ve brought in some new offerings that are more “adult” in nature.

For instance, you may know about the park’s only full bar, the¬†Sand Bar in¬†Adventure Bay (one of my favorite spots!), but did you know about the¬†Pint Sized Pub in the far back corner of the water park?

Pint Sized Pub is a kid-friendly version of the Sand Bar, offering snack food and “mixed drinks” for kids.¬†Check out the drink names on their menu:¬†Shirley Temple, Bernie’s Sunrise, Frog Hopper (named after the ride, I expect) and Blue Wave!

Pint Sized Pub menu.


I haven’t had a Shirley Temple since I was a youngun, and now I’m tempted to get one sometime this season!

And, for those who don’t venture that far back in the park, recall the¬†Abita Bar that was added to¬†River City in 2015. It served a few types of alcoholic frozen drinks. As mentioned¬†previously, this location became¬†Corona Cantina this year. In spite of the alcohol sponsorship, the frozen drinks are now virgin — they add the alcohol to them and mix them up. This means children can now get virgin versions of Margarita, Strawberry, Mango and Pina Colada!

Corona Cantina’s frozen drinks can now be made kid-friendly (or spiked for mommy and daddy).

How cool is that? Your kids can now drink just like mommy does!

Adventureland truly has something for everyone ūüėČ

Featured Funnel Cakes

Adventureland has two locations that serve funnel cakes: There is a window at Rathskeller, and Spectators in the River City Foods area. This year, they are presenting featured funnel cakes that will change throughout the season.

Three flavors have already been introduced:

Peanut Butter Cup Funnel Cake (photo by Adventureland)
Red Velvet Funnel Cake (photo by Adventureland)
Peanut Butter Cup Funnel Cake (photo by Adventureland)

A regular funnel cake is $5.75. Toppings are .50 or 1.00. The Signature Funnel Cakes are $8.25, and the Featured Funnel Cake is $8.50.

Funnel Cake pricing for 2017.

Be sure to take a look at the menu boards when you visit. I’ve already missed one flavor I really wanted to try!

2017 Food Roundup

NOTE:¬†This article will be revised with additional information as I receive it, or continued in another part. Check the main page for the latest…

  • Updated 5/31/2017.
  • Updated 6/5/2017 – added photos.

Adventureland has many new food offerings this year. The park brought on three new chefs to oversee new food items, and it shows. Here are some of the more notable ones (photos to be added):

  • Bernie’s Klement’s Cart¬†(between Storm Chaser and The Monster’s exit¬†under the Iowa Beer and Wine Shop tent) – This is a “gourmet” hot dog stand, serving Klement’s hot dogs and sausages. You can get a 1/4 pound plain hot dog for $4.75, or a kid’s dog for $1.25 (maybe it’s $1.75). They also offer more loaded hot dogs, like a Chicago Dog (“1/4 pound all beef dog with all the traditional Chicago toppings”) for $4.50, Bernie Dog (“1/4 pound all beef dog with chili, cheese sauce and crispy onions”) for $4.50 (it’s the same squirt chili and cheese they use on nachos), Bratwust (“1/3 pound bratwurst with yellow mustard and sauerkraut”) for $4.50, and1/3 pound ¬†Itialian Sausage or Hot Italian Sausage on a stick for $4.50. The hot dogs come on fancy buns, and the Chicago dog was loaded with all kinds of toppings.

    Chicago Dog from Bernie’s Klement’s Cart.
  • Chuckwagon Soda¬†in Outlaw Gulch has lost the old fashioned candy, as well as the old-time sodas (no more sarsaparilla, darnit), and switched to more traditional flavors, but still has some not found elsewhere in the park (like a red cream soda). They have also swapped out the beef jerky they sell, and offer beef sticks¬†and beef jerky. (At least, I think it’s a different brand from past years. It’s very good.) They have a plastic “mason jar” you can buy for sodas to get cheaper refills all year long, and the jar actually says “Chuckwagon Soda” on it. (I am guessing these are not park-specific jars, but rather, that Chuckwagon Soda was a franchise kiosk available to amusement parks and such.)

    Iowa Smokehouse jerky at Chuckwagon Soda.
  • Fun Foods¬†on Main Street now has a cotton candy room where they make it near the sidewalk window. They also now carry four types of popcorn, all popped there: plain, caramel, cheese¬†and kettle corn.

    Four flavors of popcorn at Fun Foods.
  • Gulch Food¬†in Outlaw Gulch has added fried fish sandwiches.
  • Gyros¬†in River City received a full remodel, and is greatly expanded inside and out. The old order/pickup window is now the pickup window, and an order window is where the facade next door used to be. They have added baklava, Greek salads¬†(very good!), and falafel gyros¬†to their menu. I am also told that the gyros are fancier this year.
  • Iowa Cafe¬†on Main Street has a new style baked beans, loaded with meat (bacon? BBQ?). This may be the “Dr. Pepper Baked Beans” served elsewhere in the park.

    New “Dr Pepper BBQ Beans” at Iowa Cafe.
  • Oasis¬†in Adventure Bay, the ice cream place has pineapple Dole Whip again. It was lemon last year. Those who have been to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom or the original Disneyland in California know how huge pineapple Dole Whip is there. People line up for the stuff.
  • Petunia Pig¬†has been spiffed up and no longer has pickles or drinks. Now it offers bacon popcorn¬†and huge 1/4 pound bacon on a stick.

    1/4 pound bacon-on-a-stick and bacon popcorn at Petunia Pig.
  • Spectators Sports Bar and Grill takes over¬†River City Smoke Shack BBQ. It has been repainted blue, ¬†and¬†mirrors the name of the sports bar at the Adventureland Inn. The menu is mostly the same, but they added brisket sandwiches¬†and the new Dr. Pepper Baked Beans. The house made BBQ sauce¬†is also new, made at Spectators. They also have walking BBQ, which is like a walking taco but BBQ instead of taco mean.
  • Taco Villa¬†in River City has lost its taco salad, but added a large hard shell taco. They also have a burrito bowl¬†which is the taco toppings in a bowl, very much like a taco salad without the chips. A combo meal is available which adds a churro¬†and drink.

    Taco Villa’s new burrito bowl combo, which comes with a churro and drink.
  • Vegetarian¬†Offerings.¬†Most locations with corn dogs or hot dogs are now offering veggie corn dogs¬†and veggie hot dogs. I think some veggie items were on the menu last year, and others were added during the 2016. I tried a veggie chili cheese dog and it tasted just fine. I recall trying a “veggie hot dog” many years ago and disliking it. I guess they have figured out how to make better veggie dogs.

Alcohol Updates:

  • Abita Bar, opened in 2015 in River City, is now Corona Cantina¬†and has dropped the Louisiana beers. Instead, a much wider variety of canned Mexican-style beers is available, and more frozen drinks. They have strawberry, margarita, mango¬†and pina colada. The frozen drinks are virgin drinks, and they actually add alcohol shots and mix it for you – they have six types of alcohol!
  • Bier Garten¬†now sells their refillable boot¬†– much larger than the 24 ounce mugs. The refill mugs are also an updated design this year, introduced at the 2016 Oktoberfest.
  • ICEE Mix It Up¬†around the corner from Sheriff Sam’s Saloon also adds the alcohol shots (which they first did at the 2016 Oktoberfest event). You can add two types of Jose Cuervo tequila, Gin, Iowa-made SWELL Vodka, Jack Daniels, Bacardi Rum, Captain Morgan, or Malibu Rum.

    ICEE Mix It Up now offers spiked drinks.
  • Sand Bar¬†in the water park has some new mixed drinks, and will be offering a huge refillable 42 ounce drink!
  • Also in the water park is a new LEINENKUGEL Tiki Bar¬†attached to the central gift shop. It has canned drinks and three types of shots (Fireball, some mint schnapps, and J√ĄGERMEISTER). They also have some canned drinks not found elsewhere, like Not Your Father’s Iced Tea.
  • Most drinks places with canned beers also seem to be carrying some new items.

Beer prices have inched up a bit, with a small beer going for $6.50 and a large for $10 ($8.50 last year, I think). The $12 refill mug (24 ounces) can be refilled for $6 ($5 last year) so if you plan to have more than one drink, and like their draft beer selection, buy the mug. After the mug and one refill ($12+$6 = $18), you already save two bucks over buying two large beers.

Last year, the park also offered a refill container for frozen drinks. It was the same container used for ICEEs, so it was impossible to tell if someone was walking around with an ICEE or a frozen hurricane ūüôā This year, they have a new frozen drinks containers just for alcohol. It doesn’t have a lid and they don’t have straws tall enough for it yet, but it’s nice looking. Over at Iowa Beer and Wine, the frozen Monster¬†drink is now sold only with one of these refill drinks, so if you plan to try it, start with a Monster, then you have a refill cup to use at ICEE Mix It Up, Corona Cantina¬†or Sand Bar.

Did I miss anything? Leave a comment!

I will try to add photos of all the new food items to this post when I have time.